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Cloud accounting – how can it benefit you?

November 27th, 2013 Posted by Archive 0 thoughts on “Cloud accounting – how can it benefit you?”

Cloud accounting is where the world of business is moving.   Most businesses already deal with the cloud, and accountants are getting there too.

“The Cloud” means that everyone will be working virtually and for many businesses, location is gong to become less and less important.  The same goes for accountants, no longer will your accountant need to be based in the same town as you, with Skype, Google +, etc and cloud accounting packages, everything can be done in real time and when its convenient to you, whilst still retaining the personality.  Therefore your choice of accountant can be driven by what is important to you – personality, experience, value added services and cost.

Fed up of sending backups and huge excel files for the year end to your accountant?  Fed up of then receiving a long list of year end journals for you to update your accounting software?  None of this need be the case with using a cloud hosted accounts package.   Both yourself and your accountant can access the package in real time, with your accountant being able to extract the information they need.

Same goes for any problems you come across during the year.   Your bookkeeper has a problem that needs resolving asap, they can call up their accountant, both look at the online data in real time and discuss the issue.   No need for the business owner to take a back up and send it to the accountant, for the accountant to then spend time restoring it and the time that is taken to deal with this.

Not working on the most up to date version?  Cloud accounting packages are updated via downloads – again everything is done virtually.

You can upload bank statements directly to many of the packages, reconcile easily, run bespoke reports, scan in receipts and know how the numbers of your business anytime and anywhere.

What about the costs?  Cutting edge, easy to use, low risk – sounds expensive?  Not at all – compared to traditional accounts packages the cost of many of the packages on the market is substantially lower.  In many cases they also include upgrades (which just need downloading) and they are backed up by the host provider.  Often the cloud packages are at the cutting edge of what is available on the market as they tend to move faster than traditional packages.

Speak to us about cloud accounting and the choices out there.  It makes sense – it saves time, deal with your accountants in real time, not just at the year end, bespoke reports, user friendly, download updates, secure and safe data. 

Check out our latest video sharing our views on cloud accounting with AccountingWeb:


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