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Being Human

March 11th, 2014 Posted by Archive 0 thoughts on “Being Human”

So what do you need to do to have a successful business?

Well I’m not going to compile the whole list. As I’m managing a small business myself it would probably make me panic a little. I’ll stick with what I know best, marketing.  How do you market your services or products with as little resources, (time and money) for maximum return?

Think human.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

… ok, I’ll expand on that a little.

The products or services you are selling are for humans. You want humans to buy them and use them, talk about them, get their friends (again more humans) to buy them, then return for either more of the same or for other lines or services.  So what you need to do is develop your business around human needs and wants. Even if you are selling B2B, it’s still you (a human) communicating with a real live person in the business.

Here are some suggestions on Human 2 Human (H2H) marketing:

Cut down on the jargon. If you are communicating with people about you or your business they need to be able to read it, watch it, or listen to it without having to try and figure out exactly what you’re trying to get across.

Be real and authentic and keep to your values. Pick three or four words that describe your business personality. Is it honest, fun, passionate, traditional, professional, reliable, ethical or confidential etc? Think about what it is that makes your business special and use those values in your communications.

Talk to the humans, they’re real. This is the thing about social media and where some people are still getting it wrong. You are having relationships with real people so show that you’re living and breathing too. There’s a person at the keyboard who perhaps had to get up too early this morning, is thinking about what sandwich to have and would appreciate you sharing or retweeting their content. Be nice and be real. Think before you tweet too, thoughtless tweeting is not going to do to you any favours.

What makes them tick? Think about what it is that they need from you or your business. Do they want to improve on what they’re doing? Is this all new to them and they need support? Have they been disappointed with other companies? Do they need to excel and be strides ahead of their competitors, or do they just want wonderful service? Think. What is your message, what can you offer that’ll make them either feel smart or valued or will make their lives better.

So, all your need is: the right product or service; at the right price; at the right time or location; and a good amount of people who are willing to buy it. Then tell people about it in the right way and deliver it (with a smile). Good luck with that!

By Karen Marshall of Canny Marshall  www.cannymarshall.com or follow me on twitter @cannymarshall

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